When Moose Mountains Regional Greenways’ mission expanded three years ago to become a land trust, we developed an awareness that preserving land forever requires organizational resources that are limited, necessitating smart decision-making. Therefore, in order to prioritize our land conservation projects, MMRG is creating a strategic conservation plan for our seven town service area: Brookfield, Farmington, Middleton, Milton, New Durham, Wolfeboro, and Wakefield. We call the plan: ‘Our Home, Our Land, Our Tomorrow.’

With support from generous funds (see below), we contracted two highly accomplished, New Hampshire-based professional planners (see sidebar) who have teamed with MMRG. MMRG’s conservation plan also depends on input from our community, those who rely on this area’s natural resources to live, work and play. During this year-long process, MMRG and our planners are reaching out to traditional stakeholders of conservation planning, such as municipalities, conservation commissions, conservation organizations and MMRG members, and have extended this effort to include summer and year-round residents, business owners, educators, and those with interests in outdoor recreation, farming, forestry, hunting, angling, snowmobiling, horse-back riding, biking and off-road vehicles.


The conservation planning effort has been forging ahead since September and the enthusiastic participation from the MMRG community has inspired us! Input from 65 knowledgeable and enthusiastic participants of our first Community Visioning Session has been incorporated into preliminary maps. Many of you have ‘mapped your favorite places’ on Facebook and at MMRG events, helping us to identify the vistas and recreation areas that you most appreciate. More than 300 participants completed a survey, providing us a better understanding of your conservation priorities. The planning team met with the Planning Board and/or Select Board in all 7 of our towns to present the project goals, and to hear about town Master Plans and existing and planned natural resource protections. This was critical feedback for our planning process. The conservation planners are now conducting interviews with 40 regional stakeholders involved with natural and cultural resource protection, recreation, forestry, farming, and small business. This stakeholder input will be used in developing co-occurrence maps that reveal where significant natural, cultural, recreation and economic resources overlap.


It’s not too late for you to share your special places, just click on the link above (white button). To read about other people’s favorite places, click here to visit MMRG’s Facebook page.

The data collected from all these input methods will inform the development of maps using GIS technology and the creation of a strategic conservation action plan. The final conservation action plan will reflect the stakeholder feedback and outline a shared vision for our region. The GIS maps will be shared with each town in our service area. Thank you for your participation!

MMRG uses emails and webpage updates to keep you informed about associated events and milestones. We expect to reveal our final plan reveal at an event during the Summer of 2017. To update your email address, sign up for our E-newsletter on our home page.

**MMRG’s Conservation Planning project is supported by funds from the sale of the Conservation License Plate (Moose Plate) through the NH State Conservation Committee grant program. MMRG is also grateful to the following sources for their support of this project: the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, the Davis Conservation Foundation, the Adelard A. Roy & Valdea Lea Roy Foundation, and other generous donors.**

Photo Credits: Header photo by Emily Lord, Snowmobile photo by Jack Savage, Farm photo by Kari Lygren, All others by Kate Wilcox

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MMRG Unveiled its new Regional Conservation Plan: ‘Our Home, Our Land, Our Tomorrow’

July 28th, 2017|Comments Off on MMRG Unveiled its new Regional Conservation Plan: ‘Our Home, Our Land, Our Tomorrow’

Photos of MMRG’s Conservation Plan Roll-out event by Virginia Long.

MMRG introduced its final Conservation Plan, “Our Home Our Land Our Tomorrow”, and planning maps to a gathering of approximately 70 people at the Pinckney Boat […]

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Community Engages in Visioning Session for Conservation Planning

October 17th, 2016|Comments Off on Community Engages in Visioning Session for Conservation Planning

The Wakefield Opera House was abuzz on a Thursday evening in late September as folks gathered for Moose Mountains Regional Greenway’s (MMRG’s) first community visioning session, the kickoff event in developing a regional and strategic […]