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What We Do

Moose Mountains Regional Greenways Board member and Wakefield Conservation Commission Chair Nancy Spencer Smith holds the plaque describing a recent conservation success.


Moose Mountains Regional Greenways is a land conservation service provider. We write grants, raise funds and coordinate activities. Moose Mountains Regional Greenways engages communities and individuals in voluntary land conservation measures. The "voluntary" part ensures that all parties gain—both the individual landowners and the larger community of which he is a part.


Working with Communities

“I am pleased with MMRG's increasing presence in the towns that are receiving the benefits of the organization's efforts. It is my hope that with MMRG's expanding role in educating residents as to the benefits of open space conservation, towns will embrace the goals of a coordinate land conservation program for the region.” - Ron Gehl, New Durham, NH resident and town selectman


Moose Mountains Regional Greenways services its six member communities by conducting research, providing technical services and advice to town land use boards, and freely distributing information through workshops and reports. Since 1998 we have been helping communities to identify their most special natural resources. We start by working with community leaders to identify the natural resource features that are most unique to the community - like important drinking water resources, wildlife habit areas, working farms and forests, and recreational areas. The outcome of Moose Mountains Regional Greenways’ activities can improve a town's ability to manage growth and help stabilize municipal tax rates as land is protected from the kind of development that usually costs taxpayers more.


Read more about some of our recent community contributions in the MMRG in Action section.


Working with Individuals

“Keep up the great work! Thank goodness for groups like MMRG.” - Sherry Bryant, Brookfield, NH resident and Moose Mountains Regional Greenways member


Our job is to help individual landowners find the best way to preserve their land in a natural state. We work with individuals and land stewardship organizations to create land preservation agreements designed to retain a healthy natural environment for people, birds, fish, mammals and other wildlife.


The first step to a successful land preservation agreement is discovering the goals of the individual who owns the land: Will she and her family continue to own and live on the property? Does he want to continue to farm the land? Does she want to save a place for wildlife? Does he want future generations to explore and enjoy? Does she want to conserve a majority of the land, but reserve a portion near the road for future development? Moose Mountains staff and volunteers work closely with landowners to identify the best solution to meet each individual’s unique conservation goals.


MMRG works only on voluntary land protection projects. This means that the lands on which we concentrate our efforts are either for sale, or the owners came to us asking for help to conserve their land for future generations. Families that want to place conservation easements on their land while retaining full use and ownership of it are our most important beneficiaries. Some want to realize the many tax advantages that are available when they place lands into conservation. Moose Mountains can help.